Our services

Here at the Polichemi Group we specialise in distributing synthetic rubber, as well as micronising polymers and packaging all sorts of chemical products and fillers. We have been working in this sector for over 18 years and our leadership can be seen in our wide-reaching portfolio of international clients from a variety of sectors.

Here at Polichemi Group we use non-contaminating filters in our manufacturing process.

Personalisation and effectiveness

Unlike large multinational corporations in the petrochemical sector, here at Polichemi Group we are always here for our customers to listen and address their needs. In this regard, we can fully customise orders based on format, amount, processing and delivery to meet your requirements.

We deliver orders quickly and efficiently from our industrial plants in Barcelona and Murcia, directly to the end customer or through select distributors. Our sales team will analyse your needs to propose the best solution and advise you in terms of the optimal product, formulation and presentation.

Beside our customers every step of the way, advising and seeking personalised solutions to their needs.

The products and services we offer include:

Marketing synthetic rubbers

(NBR, SBR, HSR BR, EPDM, IIR NR, etc.), thermoplastics (SBS, SEBS, SIS), fillers (silica, carbonates, kaolin, carbon black), chemical products (accelerants, antioxidants, anti-ozonant, vulcanising agents, blowing agents, anti-flame, stabilisers, etc.) and plastics (EVA, POE, PE).

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Micronisation of synthetic rubber

Thermoplastics (SBR, NBR, EPDM, NR etc.) to create a product fully tailored to the customer’s needs.

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Chemical packaging

Through a process that allows us to create formulas tailored to each customer in terms of format and weight, as well as dispersing liquids in inorganic carriers to create dry liquids.

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Distribution and trading of plastic materials

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